Outreach Programme, 'Money In Space', Launched

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As part of the UK Space Agency funded ‘Money In Space’ programme, The Northern Space Consortium is pleased to announce a series of events, designed for businesses in the region, introducing the potential benefits and opportunities that the Space sector offers.

Sector specific events have been arranged where organisations can explore the many ways that space can benefit them. The events are for those already working in space, those who can see the benefits of the space industry but don’t know where to start or those who work in specific sectors and want to learn about the potential.

The industry specific events are:-

  •           Transport and Logistics

  •           Heath and Life Sciences

  •           Low Carbon and Energy

  •           Construction and Land Use

  •           Advanced Manufacturing

For more information on the events and to book a ticket see www.moneyinspace.co.uk

NSC Spearheads UK Space Agency Project

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The Northern Space Agency in partnership with local companies Downtown in Business and Comoo has been awarded a contract by the UK Space Agency to get businesses in the region more involved in the space sector.

Frank McKenna, chief executive of Downtown in Business said “Space plays an increasingly essential role in our daily lives. As a sector it continues to provide an excellent opportunity to grow the UK economy and provide the new services and applications that contribute to an ever connected world. We are delighted to be working on this project and with businesses who want to get involved.”

Alan Cross, the European Space Agency Business Applications Regional Ambassador added: “Space is a critical industry to the UK and, considering the experience and skills across our region, offers business a great opportunity. This programme of analysis and engagement represents a major escalation of our region’s ambitions in innovation and growth, and it’s delivery could not be more timely.”

Northern Space Consortium chairman Bob Morris: “It is envisaged that the programme will consist of a series of industry specific events. The Northern Space Consortium’s role is to help the development and expansion of the space industry in our region and this is exactly one of the ways that we can do that. We look forward to working together for the benefit of all in our region.”

New NSC Board Member Announced

Dr Joanne Phoenix

Dr Joanne Phoenix

The Northern Space Consortium is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Joanne Phoenix to the Board of Directors.  Joanne is the Interim Executive Director of Sensor City, has a background in ecosystem development and many year’s experience creating and supporting new technology companies.

Joanne said “I am honoured to be joining the NSC Board and am looking forward to making a positive impact, linking companies and academics together to create synergies for the space sector”.

NSC Chairman Bob Morris commented “I would like to congratulate Joanne on her appointment and look forward to working alongside her in the future.  We have known Joanne since the initial opening of Sensor City and worked together on several different projects. She is already well known in the area and brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts that will help the further development of the Northern Space Consortium”.