In line with the UK government's ongoing strategy to maximise our nation's space industry, the Northern Space Consortium is the only regional organisation committed to the development and diversification of the space industry in The North.

 We are dedicated to a broad spectrum of activities; to promoting inward investment within our membership, to introducing our associates to the wider space industry (and vice versa) and to encouraging existing businesses to engage with, and expand into, the space industry. We help non-space organisations to connect with the industry in order to provide novel solutions to their challenges and improve their competitiveness. We assist and advise individuals, start ups and SME's seeking a place within the sector. We advocate the opportunities of the Space industry to The North, and extol the existing capabilities and potential of The North to the wider Space industry, both nationally and internationally. 

As well as our regular informal meetings for our Associates and Members, we are mapping the existing cross sector capabilities of The North, in order to build a comprehensive understanding of how our region is already part of the Space industry, who is involved and what, precisely, is our potential for growth. 

Our Board members are frequently consulted on policy at regional and national levels, and often address delegations of business people, scientists, engineers and policy makers. 

In short, we engage, connect and coordinate.



The Northern Space Consortium is established as a Community Interest Company (CIC), a type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than private shareholders. This means that we legally bound to dedicate any and all profits to deliver results for our Associates and Members.

Our Board of Directors comprises of passionate, dedicated professionals including environmental consultants, former space engineers, IT experts, and entrepreneurs.

Providing guidance and support is our Board of Non Executive Directors, with representatives from the Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC), the Liverpool Enterprise Partnership, the Lancashire Advanced Manufacturing Forum, and the Northern Ireland Space Office.



In July 2014, the UK government announced it’s intention to work with the private sector to establish a UK spaceport by 2020.

A public consultation on the criteria for the location of such a facility was held and, in order to present the case for Liverpool John Lennon Airport as a candidate, ‘The Liverpool John Lennon Spaceport Feasibility Working Group’ was established. Working with local government and industry, as well national and international partners, the Group presented their findings in October of that year.

Building on the experience and contacts gained during this process, and in the light of the increasing focus on the ‘Northern Powerhouse’, the Group broaden their goals to engage Northern businesses with the opportunities of the UK Space industry, and highlight the potential of The North to that sector.

“It’s the application of the data which Britain does very well. Britain is punching above its weight in the global market in the areas of innovation and applications. We may be small but we have some great ideas, especially about how to use space technology.”
— Stephen Smart, Vice-President, CGI Group (Space, Defence and National Security)