Sensor Technology & Expertise

The Northern Space Consortium recently brought together a group to discuss sensor technology and expertise in the region.  The meeting held at Sensor City included representatives from Welsh Government, Wales Aerospace, Aberystwyth University, Northwest Earth Observation Network, Glyndwr Innovations, ESA, University of Liverpool, Sensor City, and the Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation.  The aim of the meeting was to understand the status of sensor technology in the region with a view to developing it further.

The Centre for Earth Observation, based in Leicester, has been set up to develop sensor technology and the use of it in the UK for national and international earth observation missions.  It also encourages the transfer of technology between space and terrestrial uses.

NSC Chairman Bob Morris said “First of all I would like to thank Joe Spencer and all at Sensor City for hosting the meeting.  Sensor technology and the data generated form a considerable part of the space industry, not only are there large programmes like ESA Sentinel but for instance 85% of all commercial small satellites are for remote sensing. There are terrific opportunities in developing sensors as well as making use of the tremendous amount of data available and we want to ensure that companies and organisations in our region benefit from it.  This meeting was the first in a series of events to be arranged to progress this”

Any companies or organisations interested in sensor technology or the use of the data should contact